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Vivons Lagrasse, a new Association to promote the Village

The Association "Vivons Lagrasse" was created to continue the work of the Office du Tourisme. It brings together individuals, businesses and associations linked to Lagrasse.

During the dissolution process of the Tourist Office in December 2016, several people got together to reflect on a way to gather together the different contributors to Lagrasse life going forward.  This led to the creation of the association Vivons Lagrasse on the 14th June this year.
The association’s purpose is to bring together individuals, businesses and associations linked to Lagrasse.  Its objective is to contribute to Lagrasse’s affluence, to be a creative force and to represent its members.

What about the website lagrasse.com?

The website lagrasse.com, created by the Tourist Office, has been transferred and taken over by the new association in order that we may all continue to benefit from its excellent internet presence and search engine optimisation.   It will be updated and improved to provide a dynamic showcase of the varied economic and cultural life of our lovely village!

Want to advertise on the webiste ?

If you wish to advertise your accommodation, business or other commercial activity on lagrasse.com, then contact:

Beverly Smart                 04 68 43 12 40
Axelle Lecoester             06 21 67 72 17
Ou par email                   bonjour@vivonslagrasse.org

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